Productivity Services

“Supervisor of your IT-investment”

Productivity Services offer you visibility and control in your IT-projects, which ensure better profitability of your investment.

We work as a supervisor for your IT-projects, ensuring your best interests are looked after throughout your projects’ life-cycle, from project study, to development and maintenance. By using our service you will get objective information regarding software quality, productivity, risks and costs, which enables you to make required decisions in time which are based on facts.

Productivity services consist of following modular services.

Advisory services

  • Risk and cost evaluation when planning new software investments
  • Current state analysis with target state definition
  • Ensures your IT investment’s profitability

Control services

  • Provide control and visibility of daily operations
  • Provide SW version and management of environments
  • Ensure the quality of SW deliverables
  • Including the unique Productivity and Code Analysis Services

Productivity services

  • Quantitative analysis of software changes (who, what, when etc.)
  • Transparency into software-development productivity
  • Increases your knowledge of cost structure
  • Enables starting corrective measures in time

Code Analysis services

  • Qualitative analysis of software based on standards
  • Objective information about software quality
  • Recommendations on how to minimize production risks
  • Enables to reduce maintenance and software costs

WebTector monitoring services

  • Service’s availability from a user perspective
  • Enables to reduce SaaS service’s downtime
  • Objective third-party information
  • Compare actual performance against SLA and competitors